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A great coffee replacement

"I used to love coffee so much I thought I could live on coffee alone if that was a healthy thing to do. But I had to give coffee up, even decaf, for health reasons. I tried instant coffee substitutes, and they were acceptable, but I really missed that fresh-brewed flavor. Then I found ALMOSTcoffee. I loved it so much I made and drank a whole 12 cup coffee maker of it every day. It was so cool to be able to drink that much without having to worry about adverse reactions, and great to be able to drink it at any time of day, even right before bed."

A healthy alternative to coffee — and it tasted so much like coffee

"I used to love coffee, but had to give all forms of it up when I discovered that my chronic rash was from beans of all kinds. When my friend offered me a cup of ALMOSTcoffee, and it tasted so much like actual coffee, I could not believe it was not made from beans and was caffeine-free. Now I drink a large mug every night before I go to bed and it relaxes me so much it helps me sleep."

It made a tasty cold coffee-tasting drink

"My mother and I use this as a substitute for coffee. I feel overall better and have noticed positive changes in digestion. You can drink it at night and it doesn't keep you awake. I like to put caramel and vanilla ice cream in it. My mother put it (cooled) in a blender with some caramel, ice, and ice cream. It made a tasty cold coffee-tasting drink."

Doesn't have any of the bad effects of caffeinated coffee

"ALMOSTcoffee is very good. It's made from healthy grains like barley, chicory and corn, and doesn't have any of the crash-laden bad side effects of a caffeinated cup of coffee. In fact, there's no caffeine in it at all! It's tons better for you and brews exactly the same way. Experiment with it! Put some ice cream in it, or with a dash of sugar in your morning cup. It's extremely good and I'd recommend it to anybody trying to quit drinking coffee, or to somebody that just wants to try something new."

Something about it just makes the coffee better

"I can put this with coffee or use it plain and enjoy it. It helps me to not have the side effects that coffee is known for. Something about it just makes the coffee better."

This stuff tastes like coffee!

"I appreciate the sample you sent. I can't believe it! This stuff tastes like coffee! But it doesn't make me sick the way coffee does. Thank you so much!"

Makes any kind of drink you can make with coffee

"One of the things I really love about ALMOSTcoffee, is that you can make any kind of drink you can make with coffee. Plus I have tried things in it I never even thought to try in coffee. I introduced some friends to it, and now we are always trying new things in it and then bragging to each other about what we discovered!"

My husband loves ALMOSTcoffee

"I am not a huge fan of coffee, I just don't like the taste, but my hubby is but doesn't want the caffeine. He LOVES this stuff and says it tastes just like real coffee! Try it!"

I was always a skeptic...

"It does taste like coffee. I was always a skeptic on these drinks but the person who invented this drink really nailed it. It's very close. I drink it at night, since I cannot have caffeine at night. It's great with 2% milk, or a bit of cocoa powder and agave syrup, or pretty much any of your favorite coffee things."

Thank you for shipping so quickly

"We received our AlmostCoffee today. Thank you for shipping it so quickly! It is excellent! My husband was very impressed with it, and took some to work with him this morning."

It is wonderful

"We just got our sample of Almost Coffee and brewed it immediately. It is wonderful. We all love it. It's very like coffee, only none of the unpleasant after effects."
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