Worlds Best Coffee Substitute
For People Who Love Coffee...
But Cannot Drink It

ALMOSTcoffee, Coffee Substitute, 16 Oz.

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  • Brews Just Like Coffee! Can Be Brewed In Any Way Coffee Can Be Brewed
  • Tastes Very Much Like Coffee, But Without All The Acids And Caffeine
  • Naturally Caffeine Free Ingredients: Roasted Barley, Chirory, & Organic Non GMO Corn. No Colors, Flavors, Preservatives, Or Other Additives
  • Make Lattes, Frappes, Etc. Or Just Prepare Like Your Usual Coffee
  • Economical Because It Requires Less Than Coffee To Brew The Same Amount


Dark Roast

On Coffee Withdrawal

I think most people who drink coffee have experienced the horrible headaches and the draggy feeling, and possibly other withdrawal symptoms that occur when they missed having their daily coffee, and even worse, when they tried to quit coffee. No question about it, caffeine is a drug and is addictive. So I do not recommend that a person quit cold turkey. When I quit coffee, I started cutting back by drinking about half of my normal amount of coffee and half ALMOSTcoffee. If you decide to do that, it can either be done by the number of cups you drink, or by mixing half coffee and and half ALMOSTcoffee before brewing. Do that for 2 or 3 days, then cut back on the coffee some more. The average person can get completely off caffeine in a week or so. If a person is quite sensitive, or a very heavy coffee drinker, a slower cutting back may be better.

Keep in mind that there are other drinks that contain caffeine, too, although most do not have as much as coffee, and if a person is really going to kick the caffeine habit, he or she should also cut out such things a colas and some teas, "energy" drinks, etc. Even after the end of withdrawal symptoms, it probably takes a bit longer for your system to become completely free of the effects of caffeine, but once it does, you should have at least as much energy as before and with no further withdrawal symptoms. My experience is that you actually feel better and more naturally energetic, than you did while you were addicted to caffeine.
Legal Disclaimer The manufacturer of ALMOSTcoffee makes no medical or other health claims for this product. However, it is well known that barley is a wholesome and healthy grain, and chicory is well known to have its own healthy properties. Much can be found to support the concept of both barley and chicory, as well as corn, being healthy for most people. However, all people should be alert to the effects of various foods and beverages on their bodies, and particular attention should be paid to the warning label on this product regarding chicory. Some people may be allergic to barley and corn as well. Additionally, barley contains gluten and it is not known whether or not the barley in ALMOSTcoffee imparts its gluten to the water as it is brewed. It is recommended, therefore, that people who are gluten intolerant, either try brewed ALMOSTcoffee very cautiously, or not use it at all.
Warning: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS CHICORY. Chicory is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing, people with gall stones, or people who are allergic to ragweed