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About Us

My whole adult life I loved coffee more than any other beverage, but I always knew I needed to limit myself to drinking it mornings only, and limit myself to less than I would have liked to drink of it. Every morning of my life, when I finished my coffee, I wanted more, but knew it was not healthy to drink more. No doubt, I drank more than I should have anyway.

A couple of years or so ago, I had to give up coffee because it contributed to dehydration problems I had as I grew older. I tried to find an acceptable coffee substitute, but was just not very happy with what was available, especially since there were not that many to choose from, and they were the instant type. I never liked instant coffee, and I liked instant coffee substitutes even less. It was a real problem to me to have to give up coffee when I loved it so much, and even a bigger problem that I could not find an acceptable coffee substitute. So I over a period of time, I developed a brewable coffee substitute, which I named ALMOSTcoffee, because it was not only acceptable, it tasted so much like coffee, I could hardly tell the difference. Furthermore, I really loved the fact that I no longer had to limit myself to a certain amount or to drinking it only in the morning, I could drink any amount I wanted, and could drink it any time of day, because I knew it was healthy, and caffeine-free. And, unlike coffee, it not only did not make my dehydration problem worse, but it helped me to be able to drink more healthy fluids and so helped me to overcome the dehydration problem.

I originally had no thought of selling my coffee substitute to others, I was just trying to find an acceptable way to give up coffee. But after a time I came to realize that there were probably a lot of other people with the same problem—who loved coffee the way I did, but needed or wanted to give it up, and were not happy with the coffee substitutes available. So I decided to share my solution with those people and see if my coffee substitute, ALMOSTcoffee, would be a good solution for them as well.