Worlds Best Coffee Substitute
For People Who Love Coffee...
But Cannot Drink It

World's best coffee substitute
A healty alternative to coffee that tastes like coffee!

If you love coffee, but need or want to cut back, or even quit drinking it completely, ALMOSTcoffee is the coffee substitute for you!

Brews Just Like Coffee—Dark Rich And Delicious

If you have tried instant coffee substitutes, but were not very impressed with them, you will love brewing your own fresh ALMOSTcoffee! If you never loved instant coffee, why would you love instant coffee substitutes!

Tastes Very Much Like Coffee But Without All The Acids And The Caffeine

Nothing tastes exactly like coffee except coffee, but ALMOSTcoffee is about as close as it gets! Some people say it doesn't taste like the inexpensive coffees, but like the rich coffees! Most people say they like it just as well as coffee, and some say they like it better!

Natural Healthy Ingredients

ALMOSTcoffee is made with roasted barley, chicory and Corn. It contains no colors, flavors, preservatives, or other additives. All ingredients are thoroughly dried then double sealed into airtight bags, so that there is no need for preservatives. Due to these healthy ingredients, most people who have digestive problems or heartburn from the acids in coffee, have no such difficulties with drinking ALMOSTcoffee.

Economical Because It Requires Less To Brew The Same Amount

ALMOSTcoffee requires approximately 1/4 to 1/3 less than coffee. Some people use as little as half the amount they previously used of coffee. ALMOSTcoffee is very potent and care should be used in measuring, so that you do not get it too strong. Like coffee, it can be bitter if brewed too strong.

Naturally Caffeine-Free

The fact is that none of the ingredients in ALMOSTcoffee contain caffeine, so there is no need to remove it — or "decaffienate" it. A lot of people who drink coffee, drink it for the caffeine "energy." But the truth is that caffeine is a drug — a mild one, and a legal one, but still a drug. For this reason, the "energy" it gives is a false, drug-induced energy. People who completely kick the caffeine habit agree that once the body is completely free of its effects, they have just as much energy without the drug.

No Need To Completely Give Up Coffee

Even people who do not need or want to give up coffee completely, may wish to use ALMOSTcoffee as a relaxing alternative for coffee at night or other times when caffeine is not desirable. Some coffee drinkers like brewing part coffee and part ALMOSTcoffee together in one ratio or another.

Drink Any Amount, Any Time

No need to limit yourself to only having it in the morning, or to having less of it than you would like. It is perfectly healthy to drink it all day long. Some people say when they drink it before going to bed, it even helps them to relax and sleep better.

Make Lattes, Frappes, Etc. Or Just Prepare Like Your Usual Coffee

After brewing ALMOSTcoffee, put cream, sugar or other sweeteners and/or any flavoring which you love to put in coffee. If it tastes good in coffee, it will taste good in ALMOSTcoffee! ALMOSTcpffee may be substituted for coffee in any drink that is normally made with coffee or espresso, or in any other recipe which calls for coffee.